1.   Which payment options do I have on Andar na Linha store?

In Portugal, we accept the following payment options:

- Bank Wire transfer,

- Credit Cards (using 'meowallet'),

- COD (CTT) or

- 'Meowallet' Balance

For the rest of the world we accept Bank wire transfer and Credit Cards

2.   Do I need a 'Meowallet' account to pay with Credit Cards?

No, credit card payments are handled by 'Meowallet' (Portuguese Telecom Company) you only need a valid credit card number – no other account is needed.

3.    Is the payment process safe?

Yes. For more information on the 'Meowallet' payment security system please follow this link: Meo Wallet 

4.    Do you ship to other countries in Europe or/and the rest of the world?

Yes, we are updating shipment fares to accommodate shipments to other European Union countries. Until then you can submit an order through andarnalinha.geral@gmail.com, on site through dialog box (low right corner), or clicking here: Contact us so we can find best shipping option for your package.

5.    Which shipping options are available, and how much do they cost?

At checkout, you'll be shown all the available shipping options and costs, depending on the package final weight/volume and shipment destination, according to CTT or City Post price list – contact us for more information.

6.    Can I submit an order without being through the site?

Yes. You can email us your order to andarnalinha.geral@gmail.com, using the dialog box on the website (low right corner) or clicking here: Contact us so we can find best shipping option for your package.

 7.   How long will it take to receive my order?

After payment confirmation, orders are shipped within 24hours (on weekdays). The delivery period will depend on the shipment final destination  – contact us for more information.

8.    Can I Track my package?

You can always check your order status on our website, clicking on customer account ‘my account’ or as a visitor (with the email linkwe’ll send you after your make your purchase).

After shipment you’ll receive by email (also accessible on your customer area on our site) a shipment tracking number so you can track your package on CTT or City Post web site (Web sites: City Post or CTT)